"...How to give head?"   "How to deepthroat?"      
"How do we have anal sex safely?"     "Can I make her orgasm?"   "How do we do bondage?"

"Where is the G Spot?"

Commonly Answered Questions:

These are not just "adult" movies, but teaching videos on how to do some of the things that you and your partner (or just yourself) can learn to do for each other.

You will learn from instructional adult movies streamed directly to the privacy of your home with no dvds, awkward interactions at the video store, or expensive therapy (or worse, group therapy where you are required to open up before some very odd people).

Even in our progressive society where adult content is so readily available, it is surprisingly hard to find hands-on learning material.

"Take me to the adult instructional theater"

We have a collection of almost 200 movies available at any time on a very wide variety of instruction. Rates are the same as regular adult content (without any 'premiums'). Your confidentiality is guaranteed and your transaction is 100% secure.

Female Orgasm | Oral 1 | Anal
Adult Toys | Oral 2 | Fetish
For Couples | Group 1 | Group 2

While we wholeheartedly encourage anyone to seek counceling that is in need of counseling, we also acknowledge that for privacy, personal comfort, situational or financial reasons a class, group or therapist may not be the first step.

Many sexual councelors would agree that a well-made instructional video may be a positive step towards improving sex and sexuality, especially if it includes counceling.

Be sure to check the questions listed in the sidebar, these questions link to content-specific instructional movies that have been pregrouped.

Included in our movie libarary are some foreign instructional information, some of it from Japan, but much of it French, that should not be overlooked. There is much to be learned with the sound off.

Learn more about...
Oral sex, deepthroat & swallowing (Fellatio) Oral sex for her
Anal sex Sensual massage learn to give head
Making adult movies Rough sex, S&M
bondage and fetish
The G Spot learn to make her orgasm Crossdressing
Group sex, orgies
and sex parties
For couples : spice
up the love life...
learn lesbian sex Stripping, lapdancing
and seduction for her
Kama Sutra
& sex positions
Foreign learn to deepthroat Masturbation and toys Handjobs/Footjobs Pregnancy, health,
and contraception
learn simultaneous orgasm Sex 101 Gay and Lesbian No category Advanced

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