How to peform cunnilingus


"How do I learn to give her great head and master cunnilingus?"

Oral sex for her (cunnilingus or cunninglingus) will vary from woman to woman. Start with being clean (take a shower together), start slow, and communicate verbally what feels good. Give your partner some instructions as to what you want done, and see if you are not happily heeded. One trick is to hum while performing cunnilingus for added stimulation... think human vibrator! Be sure to also check out the movies about female orgasm and the g-spot.

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how to give her head
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how to cunnilingus
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how to cunnilingus
The fine art of
On "Guide To Oral Sex"....
Pornstar legend Marilyn Chambers teaches you how to use your mouth to please your partner! Discover the keys to perfect blowjob, learn how to grab their attention! Five insatiable sluts get down and dirty as they guide you through Marilyn's techniques for your own awesome oral ecstasy!

On "Extreme Cunnilingus"....
Sex experts tell you and show you far out techniques sure to give you new ideas guaranteed to make you an expert too. Women today are more adventurous than ever. They want their partners to go down on them in fresh, new ways. Check out these new techniques your partner wants you to try out on her!

On "The Fine Art Of Cunnilingus"....
Going down on a woman the right way is a rare art. Listen to these women tell you what really gets them off. Watch their partners show you techniques sure to please any woman. see which positions are comfortable for you and perfectly pleasurable for your partner including G Spot stimulation during oral sex.

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