Fucking 101  


"How to fuck? I want to know."

AIt's a legitimate question. You don't enter this world having sex, the desire to have sex comes upon you when you are already self aware. Not every household is open and forthright in the birds and the bees, so not everyone gets the real information. Sure, the theory is everywhere, but that isn't the question. It's not what-goes-where, it's when, why and how.

Surprisingly, a good source for learning how to fuck comes not so much from tradtional adult films as it does on instructional videos on how to make such films. Making of adult films here. See also positions and kama sutra. If you are preparing for your first time, relax and use protection. Here is the information, just be sure you are over 18 to view it.

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how to fuck
Lessons of passionate
love for rookies

how to fuck
Nina Hartley's guide to
simultaneous orgasms
how to fuck
how to spice up sex
Playboy's 101 ways
to excite your lover

how to spice up sex
Sharon Kane's guide
to great lovemaking
how to spice up sex
Playboy's best kept
sex secrets
how to spice up sex
Nina Hartley's guide
to seduction
On "Nina Hartley's Guide To Simultaneous Orgasms"....
Stronger orgasms and a closer connection are just two of the benefits to climaxing together! Nina Hartley & Kayden Kross share their secrets on this art, including how to time your orgasms for the perfect moment. Then Kayden demonstrates with Erik Everhard – riding him fast & hard until they’re both ready to pop! If your partner’s ever talked about doing things together, this movie’s for you!

On "Playboy's 101 Ways To Excite Your Lover"....
In this provocative video, Playboy shows you and your partner 101 ways to achieve heightened levels of sensuality and discover the ultimate in lovemaking pleasure. Though a deep exploration of sensory experience, attractive couples demonstrate a series of creative ways to enhance your erogenous zones. In Chapter Two shows you how to arouse your partner with the potent power of seductive scents. Chapters Three and Four explores setting the mood for romance with natural sounds and mouth-watering aphrodisiac. The final Chapter shows you how to touch other in a whole new way and, finally, how to combine these and many more techniques for optimum enjoyment.

On "Playboy's Best Kept Sex Secrets"....
Reach exquisite heights by learning the secrets to achieving ultimate sexual energy. A collection of the best Lovemaking tips from our For Couple Only series, this sensual and elegantly produced instructional video reveals techniques for sparking passion, maximizing for sparking passion, maximizing foreplay, and giving and receiving heightened pleasure. Discover the erotic joy of ultimate surrender as Playboy gently guides you though the sensual secrets of deeper levels of sexual arousal, full-body orgasms, ultimate positions and unique techniques. With an intensity you never throught possible, you can now dreams and a lifetime of sensual fulfillment.

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