Sensual Massage, erotic massage and couple's touch


"We would like to hearn erotic massage, how do I learn without enrolling in a class?"

Erotic massage and sensual touch can be a very powerful tool to bonding with your partner. Sensual touch is a great form of foreplay, but does not necessarily always need to end in sex. Some women need much more time than even they think they need to become fully and wholely aroused, and sensual touch allows them the time and contact to be able to fully participate. For some people of either sex, sensual massage is not something that is particularly enjoyable (while it is not unpleasant), it is important to consider one's partner. He or she may may have an enriching experience to touch and explore the person the love, and erotic massage is sometimes not about the recipient as much as it is the giver.

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how to erotic massage
Personal touch 3 :
exploring the O
how to erotic massage
Playboys ultimate
sensual massage
how to erotic massage
Playboys secrets of
how to erotic massage
Nina Hartley's guide
to erotic massage

how to erotic massage
Playboys complete
how to erotic massage
Lovers massage :
the art of sensual touch
how to erotic massage
Sexual massage : the
ultimate massage

how to spice up sex
Sex skills
On "Playboy's Ultimate Sensual Massager"....
Packaged together, these two instructional releases from Playboy promise to put more spice into any couple's love life. In Secrets of Euro Massage, couples will learn sensual relaxation tips by mastering Swedish, French, and German massaging techniques. Various segments show couples learning the benefits of Euro massage in erotic scenarios such as the bedroom, a spontaneous massage session, and a late-night lover's meeting. This easy to follow how-to guide takes couples step-by-step through time tested techniques for giving and receiving the joys of true European-style massage. Next, Ultimate Sensual Massage shows lovers how using simple things like feathers, pillows, velvet and silk can reawaken sexual sensitivity and add new life to their romance. Couples will learn how to set a mood the most conducive to lovemaking, and how to achieve relaxation and stimulation at the same time.

On "Sexual Massage : The Ultimate Massage Experience"....
The Guide to Total Erotic Pleasure. Discover completely new techniques, which begin where other massage videos leave off. Learn exquisite massage strokes designed for those favorite -- and secret -- erogenous zones. Find out how to locate and really stimulate the G Spot. Let incredible intervaginal photography reveal secret zones of pleasure! Watch our couples build on wave upon wave of orgasmic delights. Featuring: Hot G Spot Stimulation, Intervaginal Photography, & The Cosmic Orifice Technique.

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